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Good horsemanship begins with proper horse care, which is our first consideration and highest objective.

We have a 23-stall barn with a climate-controlled office, individual tack rooms, grooming stalls and two heated wash racks. Because of our belief that proper turnout is critical to a horse’s mental and physical well-being, we provide large, individual grass paddocks.


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Tulsa, Bixby, Jenks equestrian show stable

We offer a 125' x 245' outdoor arena with all weather footing, a large indoor arena, and a short stirrup arena with a full course of jumps built to cater to our beginner riders. Additionally, we offer an outdoor jumping field.


Board Show Services
Stall $750 Rated Show Day Fee $135
Large Stalls $800 Includes full care**, coaching, prep & schooling rides, lunging, morning lessons  
Pasture Board* $425
*pasture boarders must be able to share paddocks Schooling Show Day Fee $75


Includes hay/water/supervision at trailer, coaching, prep rides, lunging
Riding Lessons (Boarding) Trainer Rides per class $50 plus entries
Group Lesson $40 Trainer/Groom expenses actual divided by horse
Private-half hour $55 Fee for filling out entries $10 per horse
Training ride $40

**Full care at shows includes basic watering, feeding, stall cleaning, as well as grooming, tacking, untacking, taking horse to and from arena, bandaging, bathing, unbraiding, ice boots, Equissage, night check, hand walking, turnout (where venue permits), tack cleaning, handling for vet and farrier, set up, repacking tack trunks, office checkout, and other services as necessary.

Monthly training $400
Dressage training ride $40
Dressage lesson (30 min) $45

*There will be a $50 fee applied to any horseshow bills payed by the barn. (Farrier, vet, office, braiding, etc.)  We encourage
customers to keep signed checks with the trainer in order to facilitate an easier payment process for these various horse show fees.

Riding Lessons (Non-Boarding) Miscellaneous Fees
Group Lesson $50 Body clip $175
Private-half hour $65 Trace clip $85
Training ride $50 Mane pull $20
  Trim $15
Hauling   Leg wrapping $15
Local Hauling* $50 Lunge $15
*within 30 miles of farm   Unbraid $15
Out of town $1.00 per mile Bathing $25
  $1.50 per mile for 1 horse Tack/Untack $15
    Bring horse inside $10

There will be a $5 fee applied to farrier and chiropractic bills covered by the barn.
Customers are welcome to keep a signed check on file to pay the farrier.