Tulsa, Bixby, Jenks English Riding Lessons
Tulsa, Bixby, Jenks Hunter Jumper Lessons
Tulsa, Bixby, Jenks Equestrian Riding Lessons
Tulsa, Bixby, Jenks horses horseback riding

Elizabeth Adelson and Bull Run's Rubicon

Amy Coretz and Black Onyx

A championship and classic win for Josie VanHooser and My Prince Charming

A tricolor for Special Delivery and Rachel Wenger

Caroline Adelson, Taylor Werthen, and Susannah Adelson

Amy Coretz, Elizabeth Adelson, and Kaelyn Cook at USEF Ntl. Pony Finals

Marissa Degner in the THIS Medal

Allison Dooman and
Taylor Werthen

Taylor Werthen and Magnolia

Caroline Adelson aboard large pony, Danin' in the Rain

Premiere wins the Pin Oak National Charity Adult Hunter Classic

Peighton Cook on her pony, My Fair Lady

Tecate and Caroline Adelson add another classic win to their impressive record

Amy Coretz and iJump prepare for their pony jumper debut

Sarah Summers and Bledsoe

Amy Coretz and All That jog in for their 1st place ribbon

Marissa Degner and
Rock Chalk

Devin Pinaroc and Just Trickin' make their debut in the Junior Hunters

Tiffany George is the first to congratulate Lioinheart on his championship

Chloe Woods, Devin Pinaroc, and Tessa Nemec

Farewell Farm challenges other barns to a match of Volleyball on a Mon. in CO

Caroline Adelson
aboard Tecate

Tessa Nemec and Mogambo make their debut in the Children's Hunters

A banner welcoming exhibitors to Derby Day at Farewell Farm

Kaelyn Cook and Key Largo lay down a beautiful course in the large ponies at Pony Finals

Samuel is spotted on
Precious Pearl

Caroline Adelson, Zoe Warden, and Halle Salisbury enjoying a neck ribbon

Zoe Warden and
Time After Time

Caroline Adelson and Double Down in the USHJA 3' Hunter Classic

Amy Coretz showing large pony, All That

Libby Barrow aboard Mindy Coretz' Persistence

Ottercreek Scottsman
and Mindy Coretz

Aubry Mayfield riding Premiere to the Modified Children's Hunter Tricolor

Double Down and Elizabeth Adelson in the Children's Hunters

Amy Coretz and
Elizabeth Adelson

Kim Coretz and trainer Libby Barrow

Kaelyn Cook riding medium pony, My Fair Lady

Zoe Warden on her way to another Equitation win

Amy Coretz and Blue Me Away in the Large Pony Hunters

Elizabeth Adelson and
Zoe Warden enjoying
some free time

Zoe Warden and Bledsoe in the high children's jumpers

Halle Salisbury and Parsifal take home the younger large jr tricolor at Lake St. Louis

Megan McElhaney riding
Rock Chalk

Peighton Cook waiting around to support barn mates!

Aubry Mayfield and Mary Phillips prepare to show in Oklahoma City

Libby Barrow and Persistence

Taylor Werthen riding Bull Run's Charly Brown in the High Jr. Jumpers

Marissa Degner riding Footloose 

Evidence of a very successful circuit for Farewell Farm

Group photo at a Brownland Farm horse show

Caroline Adelson and Lionheart in the Equitation in Ocala

Elizabeth Adelson and Double Down are victorious in the $10,000 NAL Children's Hunter Finals

Mallory Hensley and Van Gough on their way to a Children's Hunter tricolor

FWF riders wait around to support a barn-mate in an upcoming class

NTEC Sigo and Bailey Tims in the Small Junior Hunters

Van Gough ridden by Mallory Hensley

Linda Keely prepares two students on Farewell Farm school horses for their short stirrup debut

Josie Van Hooser and medium pony hunter, Virginia Blue

A group poses for a picture during their lesson in Farewell's field

Mindy Coretz, Megan McElhaney, and iJump

Farewell Farm's Little Big Man shows Heidi Wakefield the ropes of the show ring

A group of Farewell Farm riders enjoying some down time during the OKC GO Show

Samuel is the first to congratulate Bailey Tims on a job well done